About Sheepadoodles

Sheepadoodles are a cross between our standard Poodles and our Old English Sheepdog.

Breed standard can be about 22-27 inches tall and 45-80 plus lbs. again we find many larger sized.

They are often hypoallergenic or shed very littleif any.

They are very friendly and make excellent family pets for children or other animals and are very cuddly like a teddy bear!

They can be very clownish and entertaining.

Sheepadoodles grow long, sometimes curly fur that needs some maintenace. They should be brushed often or kept low fur or shaved short if you choose to do so.

They are calm, socail and obedient, sheepadoodles can run in several sizes but around about 24-27 inches and can weigh from 45 – 85 lbs.

They can be engertic and need excersise, enjoy walks and play time, we are also love to snuggle.

Sheepadoodles are excellent fasmily pets with beautiful unique coloring.

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