About Standard Poodles

Standard poodles are extremely intelligent animals that are very eager to please. We breed standard poodles which range between 24-28 inches at the shoulder and about 40-75 lbs.

They are higher maintence when it comes to grooming, unless you like the shaved or shorter look is much more easy to manage and is much lower in maintence. Poodles are hypoallergenic meaning their “fur” is acually hair and people are not typically allergic to them.

Poodles are active dogs that love to run and play, they enjoy ealks but also we find ours are laid back when inside the home and are very happy laying around on the couch with their human family.

They get super excited with visiotrs but settle quickly. Poodles are very friendly with other animals and children. Poodles can be sensitive if yelled at or scared so be mindful with training, they do aim to please.

All in all poodles make excellent companions, theropy dogs and just all around great family pets. They have totally impressed me. I feel poodles are the perfect family pet.

Poodles are also clownish dogs, funny to watch, they are sure to keep you entertained.

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