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I’m Bonnie a stay at home mom of 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren. I have breeding experience 15 plus years.  My daughter Briana owns some of the dogs on this web site, they are her family pets and they all come visit at least a couple times a week.Happy to talk on phone as well but like emails first to understand more of what your looking for.

We raise our dogs as family pets around children, WE DO NOT work with them as hunters as mine are solely meant for the great wonderful pets they are, we enjoy our lines of being great indoor pets that will lay around and just be with us. We do exercise them daily but inside they are just happy babies hanging out with everyone. They are super smart and I’m a believer that a puppy is raised how your lifestyle is from the start and they will adjust to what your looking for in a pet.

The others live with me and are my family pets, all dogs live inside and never kenneled, these are our pets.

Puppies are whelped and raised here at my home which has more adadequate space for the puppies with a doggy door to start potty training as soon as they are old enough. yards to run and play and a puppy play room as well with lots of toys. Raised right in our family room with us. 

We have done research on our breeds alond as well as doodlesand are well versed in our AKC Standard poodles, AKC Old english sheepdogs, and our oodles so please feel free to ask any questions you may have at any time.

We work together with our puppies so your new puppy has the most experience with being held, cuddled and around everyday sounds, children, adults and other animals alike. We will work with intellectual games to help kick start the puppies development. The puppies will also be introduced to sounds and outside play so they are more experienced for home life. Purchasing your puppy: When you purchase a puppy with us you’re signing up to recieve weekly info emailed to you with updates, info on the breed and training. We take weekly photo’s and video’s of your puppy as well as with the litter mates up intil they come home to you! The puppies will recieve vaccinations and full vet exams with a health certificate from our veterinarin.

*** Just to let everyone know ahead of time:

We can not grantee puppy colors, poodles often change color or shades over time. While we do our best to help you choose a color and get an accurate idea of what to expect, we can’t promise it will be the final outcome, We won’t be docking tails. We have done extensive research on the topic and we personally feel its not necessary.

We do not dock tails see info below on this:

http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/health/tail-docking-and-ear- cropping-can-be-dangerous!


Please see pricing and puppy info on our contact page above.

Bonnie and Briana

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