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All of our breeding dogs are on this website listed above. All of our dogs are our family’s pets, live in our homes, puppies are born and raised in my home right in our sunroom/family room area.

We do have a playroom in our downstairs where they will get to play at times as well as a big yard fenced and unfenced.

They have a dog door we start working on them at 3 weeks old to use the dog door, most by 4 weeks are pottying outside (peeing takes a bit longer)

We want you to research and be sure of your breed you want as we only want good forever homes for our puppies.

Standard poodles are AKC registered, Most are sold limited AKC pricing at $1,850.00. Mearl may be higher. Full AKC to approved homes at a slightly higher price. Please email for more info.

We own 1 goldendoodle and 1 newfoundland they will be bred with Clifford.

Goldendoodles priced at $1,850.00 mearl may be slightly higher

My son has always loved bernese mountain dogs since our family are doodle breeders he has gotten 2 bernadoodles, we hope to breed them in the comming year of 2021, they are the sweetest pups ever, very please with them and how smart they are to. I call them muppets lol, what a joy. We will not be adding any other breeds and we hope you enjoy the future info on these girls.

Breeding rights are extra as we have to pay for them ourselves we feel its only right for others, we do ask for a spay/neuter copy from your puppy once they are fixed for my records.

I will have both AKC parents registered papers here to show you to prove they are pure bred full AKC parents. All parents are part of our family and will be happy to greet you when you visit with us.

We start with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $300.00 to hold your puppy. Deposits always go by first come first pick and so on. We ask for the 2nd part NON refundalbe deposit of $300.00 once you have visited  and picked out your puppy or at 4 weeks old. We offer payments at any time during the 8 weeks as long as full price is paid by or at pick up day.

Balance is due at picking up of your puppy unless shipping then balance including shipping are due 1 week prior to shipping date, we do prefer to meet our puppy families if at all possible.

Some do pick a certain puppy once born thru pictures and video’s some wait to come meet them. 

We have a contract for health grantee and all puppies are vet checked with vaccines and a certificate of health. Our vet thoroughly examines each puppy.

We give a nice puppy package including a collar, starter toys, ball, starter food, baby blanket with momma and litter mates scent on it for easier transition. Puppies have acess to a doggy door and as soon as they are able we start them on potty training, mom’s are great help with this. I’ve been told potty training at new homes has been a breeze since they’ve started here.

We send in emails weekly info on the breed, grooming, training. I’m told from past puppy families they really love the process from day one we give them thru emails, video’s pictures and answearing questions. It my goal to have healthy happy puppies with great familes that stay in touch with us. We are here for the lifetime of your puppy/dog.

We are with our dogs pretty much all the time, puppies are not left alone for at least the first 3 weeks and then only for quick outings to run to the store. We do have video hookup thru our home to watch them closely as well as outside area they can get to potty. We start them on outside potty training between 4-5 weeks old using a doggie dorr.

Please email us for information on our puppies and any questions you may have. We are happy to talk and text as well after emailing. Please send a little information on your family and what your looking for. 

My daughter Briana does facebook stuff so please check it out lots of pictures and past puppy reviews there to. higheststandardpoodlesanddoodles

A bit about us: I myself bred AKC newfoundland dogs for 15 plus years, they are great dogs and we have had so many great puppy families. I never thought I’d fall for poodles and doodles but they are such great , super smart dogs it wasn’t hard and the size is so perfect for us now verses the giant breed. My daughter found Clifford for sale as a puppy convenced me and we fell in love. We find doodles to be so fun, amazing and just adorable.. My family are all involved and have done so much research in poodles and doodles as we feel its a need to learn and understand each breed and each combo breed, Briana has been the expert on this department. 

This change was hard but now myself and our family are so impressed and happy with our dogs and the puppies are amazing. We have gotten many happy families and look forward to many more.

It’s amazing how doodles just take your heart, I think first with that muppet adorable look and then add the personaility of the doodle’s goofy, fun, playful joy you just cant beat it.

Thank you for visiting our site from our family of dog lovers 

Bonnie, my adult kids and all our fur babies,

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