AKC Old English Sheepdog female

Luna also has one brown eye and one blue eye.

She loves to play tug a war with Clifford as well as tumbling around with the others.

She loves running outside but can’t quite keep up with Clifford or Stella, but she sure does stay close by them.

Old english Sheepdogs are the orginal shaggy dog. There eyes are normally brown or one brown and one blue. They are muscular dogs with big fluffy fur, many groom then to stay short. Teddy bear like and look almost like big stuffed animales.

Standard sizes 65 plus lbs some heavier can get 100 lbs. Our dogs are on the bigger sized.

Orginally hearding dogs, I myself have found them to be one of the sweetest kindest dogs, absoultly loves there humans.

Very playful clown like dogs. Enjoy walks and playing in the yard and inside as very well content hanging with the family watching tv.

Very much enjoy there toys especailly stuffed ones.

Nova and Luna are from same parents but differnt litters. Nova is more vocal and Luna more quiet. Both very loving and gentle. Nova whines like a baby when she gets loves and hugs, its like she is just so in love and enjoys attention.

She loves to run and play and go for walks. very well listeners off leash here. Luna still a baby is super sweet, listens well and is a cuddle bug. We love the fluffy teddy bear look.

I have found them to be super sweet loving dogs.

Luna x Clifford babies 9-28-2020

Luna photos

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