I will be adding things from our puppy families that have sent to me in either emails or text. copy and pasted as it was written    I’d like to thank everyone for the comments and ask you to keep us updated on puppies!

  • Puppy is doing really well not one accident in the house yet.And everybody’s absolutely fallen in love with her that’s my oldest son playing with her She is so smart and eager to please. Already house training and learning basic commands. We adore her! We enjoyed it also and so happy to have the little boy. Our mom came over and we had the puppy in a box and surprised her. She absolutely loves him and seeing her smile that big was awesome  He was really good, needed a little attetion, but much better than what our other friends have experienced with their pups. He is really well behaved and sweet.I had to work today. His skin looks good. Makes me think it might a residue from from his prior bath. Otherwise he is doing good. He is adjusting to his crate. He still cries for little but settles in. No accidents. Picked up on going potty very easily so far. I miss him while I am work! She is so smart and eager to please. Already house training and learning basic commands. We adore her! It’s going great! He was so good the ride home. The first night he didn’t cry but the 2nd? Whew!! We’re trying to get him comfortable sleeping alone since he can’t be in our bedroom yet bc the carpet but we’re thinking of getting a kitten.
    He’s so spunky and mischievous but he’s a good boy. It took him a while to make eye contact consistently but he’s doing it easier now. He knows a few commands already come here, no, sit, up, bed,paw, stay. He saw his first cat but has not decided if he wants to say hi. He’s very playful with other dogs no matter the size. He use to be scared of cars but now it’s just trucks. He’s so friendly but he’s picky if he likes the person he’ll come up to them and let them pet him lol. Grass is still his favorite thing he gets so happy. He’s such a quick learner. I’m so glad we got our little baby We just picked up our Sheepadoodle puppy, Pennie, from Bonnie last night. She is amazing ❤️ My family LOVED our experience with Bonnie. She sends out weekly emails and updates with information about the breed/what to expect and pictures and videos. Each puppy had their own link that would be updated with pictures of them and we were also provided with a group link to see them all grow and play together. Bonnie does a wonderful job as a breeder and we are SO glad we found her and trusted her! We drove from MA to MD to pick up our puppy (along with 2 others for close family friends that fell in love with the pictures of Pennie and wanted Sheepadoodles of their own). We would do it all again! Thank you Bonnie and family!
  • I have been breeding for 15 plus years AKC newfoundlands below here are testimonails from my past puppy families. my website is still running www.murphyshomeofthenewfoundlands.comAnd another thing, Ruth hardly ever drools.  Very rarely.  Not sure why.  Nana has been drooling really bad since I got her. I love them both though, and they get along great with my Golden. Hope all if well at your house too.  Daughters are good thanks, just finished a vacation, just the 3 of us.  I hope Hi Bonnie,

    I know that it’s been a long time, but I wanted to give you an update on Murray (one of the puppies from the Bria / Gram litter back in January, who had Sky foster mommy them).

    He is, without a doubt, the best dog that I’ve ever had. Part of that I think is the breed; everything that I read about them is true. Quick to learn, quick to please, I never had any trouble training or house breaking him. Part of it is the breeding, I can’t leave the house without getting complements about him, from people who don’t know the breed wanting to know more because of how friendly he is, and from pet lovers and people who work at vet offices, and pet stores, who want to know where I got him (they refuse to believe that I got him locally, because they didn’t think you could get such a good looking Newfoundland without traveling half way across the country). 

    I did spend a lot of time with him as a puppy, which I’m sure helped, but he is just the most relaxed, easy going dog. I can take him anywhere with me, because people don’t mind having him at their houses. I moved a few months after getting him, and my parents were surprised to find that my 5 month old puppy was better behaved than their full grown dogs, hahaha. 

    I don’t have enough good things to say about him. I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life since getting him, and as silly as it is to say about a dog, he’s always been there for me. He’ll go to my friends houses with me, he’ll go to the park, he is perfect in the car, he’ll go for a walk, or just hang out and lay by my bed. I’ve never had any real issues with him that weren’t my fault, and everyone always says they’re willing to watch him whenever I need it, hahaha. 

    I now know why when people get a Newfoundland they can’t help getting another, Murray is the perfect dog, perfect friend, and I can’t take him anywhere without people wanting to meet him and pet him. He’s only 8 months old, but I don’t know what I would do without him in my life, he’s become a family member already. 

    I hope all is well with you, the dogs, and puppies. 

    ~Ellen    9-23-13  Hi Bonnie~
    Quick update on tucker, he is improving so well with his potty training. He now goes to the door to be let out. Yesterday he got his other shots rabies n distemper. He weighs a whole 33 pounds now doubled his weight since being at the vet. He is such a joy to be around and I can’t wait to see him with his wagging tail after a long days work.
    This Friday is his first puppy class at PetSmart.Hi Bonnie…….just wanted to let you know that baby Moose is just awesome….growing like a bad weed. I’ve attached a few of the latest pictures of him…..cannot believe how big he is already.  Do you know how much his father weighs?

    We just love him …….. possibly we may be looking for another one in the near future…..not sure if my house will hold up for another newfie, but he is so much fun.

    Sandy HaviceThanks for the extra info. Bonnie, we’re really looking forward to tomorrow and can’t wait to meet Maggie again! Once again, thanks for all the updates, pictures, information, and love you’ve given the pups!ErinHi Bonnie! Things are going great here so far.  Maggie only got up twice to go out on Sunday night and whined just a little (it helped that I laid down beside her with her in the crate) and slept from 9pm until 5 am last night so it’s going great so far.  She’s also gone to the bathroom outside every single time, no accidents yet, knock on wood:) it’s bound to happen but she’s doing great so far.  She’s been playing with the kids non-stop so we’ve been trying to make sure she gets some good naps during the day.  She’s very sweet though and just wants to be around everyone all the time:)
    Here are a couple pictures of her in the yard with the kids running around.  We’ll continue to keep you posted and rest assured that she’s already a member of the family:)  Here are some pictures we got when we got home.
    Thanks so much for everything
    • Thank you again so much for Isla and all of the information you sent.  We’re still unpacking, so we haven’t found the camera yet – but will send pictures.  Aven and Isla both follow each other around. They are already best friends as if they have known each other their entire lives.  It’s so sweet and heartwarming.  The first night, we put Isla in the upstairs bathroom with a baby gate.  Aven’s room is directly across from the bathroom – so when Isla would whimper that night, Aven would sing her a lullaby and they did very well.  Isla settled in very quickly.  (I don’t think Aven has stopped talking to Isla since she came home with us.)
    Thank you again. We are so happy to have added her to our family.  Heather A. ThornHi Bonnie,

    Just wanted to send you a picture of Beorn. He is doing great! 50 lbs already. He is a fantastic dog, with an amazing personality. Here is is trying to help plant lettuce. Between you and me, he’s really not that helpful, but I would never tell him that.

    Hope you are doing well,

    Erik NordenHi Bonnie –
    Here are a few pics of Frank.  He sure is a happy puppy.  Winston is still warming up to him.  Frank will eventually wear him down, I hope.  He is doing so good, especially with potty training.  He’s doing well with his crate training, too.  We did change his food, as he wasn’t eating the Eukanuba very well.  I think because he smelled Winston’s food & knew there were options.  We’re using the Nutro Max and he’s really liking it.  He’s doing well on leash training, too.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves him.  We gave him a bath & he wasn’t too keen on it.  We did take him to the water, too, but not so interested in it, yet.  More interested in digging in the sand.  We weighed him on Friday – 18.2 lbs.  Thanks, again, for all the work you do with them before sending them home with their new families.
    StaceyHere’s a picture of Dooley with 2 of our granddaughters.  Hard to believe he’s going to be 8 on 2/2.  I check you site on occasion.  They are beautiful dogs.
    Happy Holidays.

    Sue Lendrum a visit day on 8-18-13 some comments below.Hi, Bonnie!We had a great time meeting you, your newfs and our soon-to-be puppy! Yes, we gave you a check for $307 for the Carmella brown male puppy with no collar!. We cannot wait to bring our little boy home next month! 

    As we discussed, we would like to come pick him up on Friday, September 13th if that’s OK with you. We’ll probably aim to leave here around noon, so if traffic isn’t any worse than it was yesterday, that would put us at your house around 3:00pm. Please let me know if that is OK with you.Thank you again for letting us come meet mom and dad and for all of the wonderful love and care you are giving all of the puppies!
    – Sam Hi Bonnie -yep I’m a Carmella pink collared black female puppy owner. And yes I did give you the check for $300 yesterday  The visit was wonderful and thank you for your time. Is it Sept 14 yet?   All of your dogs are just amazing?  I’m very much looking forward to my little girl in Sept.   Have a nice day. Tina Kleppinger

    Sent from my iPadThank you, Bonnie, for all of the information and pictures and videos! I love Fridays. I must refresh Carmella’s photo bucket every 20 minutes to see if you’ve added any new pics. It’s so neat to see how fast they’ve grown!

    Thank you for all of your information and pics! Can’t wait until Sunday to visit !SamHi bonnie!! I am Absolutely in love with baby blue !! I cant stop looking at his picture and thinking of names! It was definitely meant to be with him being the last one left i couldnt have found a more perfect baby! Thank you so so much for all you do and having us yesterday! I am putting the check in the mail asap  

    Sent from my iPhone
      Bonnie,My wife and kids took our new kitten to the vet yesterday and ran into a woman with a newfoundland.  Upon talking the woman (Carolynn) about the newf (Hannah), discovered that she got Hannah from you.  Hannah is 5 months old and is the off spring of Gram and London.  Carolynn said you were great to deal, which I already know.  She was so excited that were are getting a newf that she gave my wife here number to call her when we get a puppy.  It is such a small world. Hi Bonnie –
      Here’s Frank at 5 months (7/25/13).  He is weighing in at 78 lbs at 5 1/2 months.  Catching up fast to Winston.  We moved back to San Antonio, TX a month ago.  The dogs are loving the grass and huge back yard to roam & play in.  Frank is still quite a character – still happy all the time.  Loves Winston to death.  Looks like you are still busy with pups.
      Stacey He is doing so well!  We took him up to PA to see our family for the weekend.  He had one little puddle of pee the first night but has not gone potty inside since.  He was content in a tight place on the floor wherever we slept.  Last night was his first night in the pen and crate…whined a little to go out but overall did pretty well.  We didn’t want to leave him today but he is going to have to be alone for about 7 hours.  We have him in a pen with an area covered with paper and his crate with door open.  I will send some pics!Thanks for starting to raise a good baby for us :)Jamison, 8-12-13Hi Bonnie –
      Here’s Frank at 5 months (7/25/13).  He is weighing in at 78 lbs at 5 1/2 months.  Catching up fast to Winston.  We moved back to San Antonio, TX a month ago.  The dogs are loving the grass and huge back yard to roam & play in.  Frank is still quite a character – still happy all the time.  Loves Winston to death.  Looks like you are still busy with pups.
      Stacey    8-12-13Fred & Bonnie,  Lola says HI Just got off 5,700 miles withe Lola…In 7 states they call her “Little Bear”.  She was terrific! She was welcome in Hotels, Resorts, Rest stops. She is awesome Highlights of the trip: Playful with black bear cubs, chasing minnows in lake, exploring air bubbles in springs in bottom of lake, She pan handled Beer and more beer  loves WI Brats and The Green Bay packers! (Who Doesn’t?) The team gave her brats! (The Brats made her happy) In the resort bar she was selective only liked: Burger’s & steak with, with Mustard & Kechup. She was walked the entire trip by everyone wanting to walk +, She also like to help her self to sweet mixed drinks…..While Sandy and I do not promote all of the above behavior…. we feel “Blessed” to have the Beast (Lola Bear) as part of out life. lol While in Wisconsin we took Lola Bear to our old vet, she checked out perfect. Thank you for selecting us as foster parents! Now that we have our latest kid accounted for…how are you doing???? We prayed for you, as we understood you were not well. We continue to have you and Fred in our prayers, Until next time…GOD Bless you both! Your Friends in TN…Dave & Sandy Feld 8-12-13Bonnie,Everything sounds really good. My apartment over in Kansas is all ready for him. I have taken all the  information you have sent me over the months seriously and have put it to good use! It has honestly been really helpful and insightful, and I actually did not know a lot of what you had sent. He has everything he will ever need, and I know he is going to make a great addition to my Kansas family! I’m too excited to get him from the airport on Wednesday and will be sure to send you a text letting you know how he is doing.  You have been a great breeder for me and will be sure to keep you informed on how he grows over the years!Many Thanks,Cristina Sharp   8-12-13Thanks!!!  I appreciate your info.Things are great…she almost totally potty trained!  Never poops in the house — pees only if left for a long period, and it is on the puppy pad.  She has been enjoying living loose in the house because of her good bathroom behaviors.  We never crated her, although she has a play pen area to stay in if we leave and at night.I’ll write more later…Erica  8-15-13Hey Bonnie!

                     Just wanna give you an update on puppies first day here! He has been a gem so far.  I have been taking him out every hour and he has not had any accidents yet which is great! He was a little nervous when I first got him but he has warmed up to the apartment and all the roommates very quickly! A lot of people in my apartment complex have gotten puppies as well and he already has TONS of new friends that he has been playing with.  He absolutely loves Penny Lane (my cat),  I caught them taking a little nap together last night and it was too adorable.  He slept through the night without a pep and has been doing really fantastic overall. The only thing that concerned me was he refused to eat yesterday, but this morning he ate everything that was in his bowl so I am not worried anymore! He goes to see my vet on monday just to get a quick check up and to make appointments for any shots that he will need.  Bonnie thank you so much for everything he is truly fantastic and is bringing so much happiness to me.  Everyone who has met him has just fallen in love with him and I really could not have asked for a better dog!  I plan to keep you in the loop as he grows and please feel free to email me anytime if you ever want an update on how he is! He is making the perfect addition to my little family here in Lawrence!

      Many Thanks!

                 Cristina and Baby Guinness <3Bonnie, Good morning!  It’s been a long time since we’ve exchanged emails.  I am the proud mother of our beautiful brown newfie, Mocha, that was part of Sidney & Gram’s litter last September.  Mocha is absolutely wonderful and the joy of our household.  I have a question regarding spaying, and I was hoping I could get your opinion.  Mocha’s first birthday is September 29th – I want to schedule her spaying, but before I do, I wanted to get your thoughts on the best age at which to do this.  I think I remember something in one of your emails (all of which were EXTREMELY helpful…thank you so much for all that work) that it was recommended that newfies be a bit older before getting them spayed.  As she just turned 10 months old, I think it’s time I started the process.Thanks in advance for your words of advice.  Here’s a picture of Mocha that was taken about a month ago in her pool.  She is absolutely hilarous, and we all love her dearly!!Terry 
      • Hi this is Teresa, not sure if you remember me but I got the gray male newfie from you in December 2011.  Short update.  He is a dear heart and everyone love him.  His temperament is so gentle and he is very smart. I hope all is well on your end. I looked at your website and was very tempted to get another baby, but I’m not sure if my heart is big enough to share the love I already have for Timmy.

        P.S he is not crated and has the best house manners ever.  He went to a new groomers today and I was told he can only come  to their facility to get pampered.. the feel in love with his drool and all 🙂  He was so good they only charged me 60 bucks for a full treatment they said that was due to his superb behavior. 
      Hi Bonnie!

      Just wanted to send a quick update and some pictures of Murray. He is perfect, like always. I continue to find myself impressed and amazed at how great of a dog he is, haha. Back in October I took him on a trip to my sister’s in-laws, they have a horse farm down in Lexington, a 3 hour drive each way. Not only was Murray great in the car, but he had a blast, I don’t think he’s ever seen that much open space before! He was scared of the horses after one snorted at him, he finally found something bigger than him! I had him at my sisters for Thanksgiving while we were cooking all day, and he was great than to (I think I tried to get into the food more than he did haha). Her 3 year old nephew was there, and while I’ve had Murray around kids a lot before, rarely around a child that young, and not for a few months. Of course, they became instant best friends (apparently Murray kissed him, and he gave Murray the rest of his orange, which we had the wrestle out of his mouth while the boy laughed). At just shy of three her nephew had never been to their house before, so upon first arriving he was scared and in a “I’m still two so I can be fussy about everything” phase. Once he calmed down, his mother told him there was a bear in the basement. I don’t know if he ever realized that Murray wasn’t actually a bear, because he turned a camera strap into a “bear trap”, putting it around Murray’s paw while sitting on Murray when he was laying down. They were both supervised, but the kid was having the time of his life climbing on Murray while Murray tried to lick his face. 

      He loved the little bit of snow that we got over the weekend, and every time I let him out he romps and jumps all around in it. All in all he’s fine, I’m fine, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. If I want to lay around, he’ll bring me toys or lay next to me. He allows me to put ridiculous sweaters on him. The only problem that he has is he wants to lick everyone’s faces, and get’s sad when people don’t lean down so he can give them a quick kiss (a habit I’ve gotten him into since I let him give me face licks all the time, I’m to blame!!)

      I hope all is well with you! Enjoy the holiday season!

      ~EllenHi Timmy got neutered today, and all went well he weighed in at 105lbs.  He got it done at the Spay/Neuter Clinic.  Because of his size they said they had to examine him, and said his heart is in perfect condition.  They gave me his neuter record so I will scan that and the receipt and email to you.  I will txt you pics for sure.  Sorry I have not already done that, didn’t know he would grow so fast.  When he went thru the clinic door everyone thought he was at least 150lbs :-)The nurses said he has one of the best temperaments they have ever seen and he is TV commercial material.  He dose not like the E-collar but he will adjust in time.  I was told to keep it on him for 10day, so he don’t lick his area.

      • A unruly pit bull came in acting all rowdy and my baby just turned his head, as if he wanted to have nothing to do with the dog.  The pitbull kept trying to get Timmy’s attention out of all the dogs in there, but Timmy carried it like “I’m a dog of statue, and I don’t deal with other canines that don’t have inside manners nor graduated from puppy class”  Then Timmy looked up at me and my husband like “Can you please tell this pitbull that he’s not on my level of maturity”  Everyone in there noticed how Timmy turned his nose up at the Pitbull and started laughing.  My Timmy is one of a kind for sure and truly heaven sent

        Question: What age do the Newfie’s stop growing?

        Everyone that sees him thinks he’s huge, but I don’t see it, maybe because I’ve had him since he was a pup.

        Well that’s all for now,

      • Hi Bonnie,
       I wanted to share some pictures of my big guy Jasper (Born January 27, 2012.) He is turning into such wonderful dog and I am so very happy to have him! He is more fulfilling to have then I ever imagined. More pics to come in the future. I hope everything is going well for you and your daughter!Best Regards,Matthew W. Strakes,He’s doing great!  He got groomed yesterday (he’s such a handsome guy) and had a well puppy visit at the vet today. He’s 93 pounds already!  He stays close to mocha a lot and they are outside playing as often as someone is willing to open the door. He seems to be a happy guy and content.  This was last night…just hanging out in the kitchen with me.  TerryHello and good afternoon Bonnie! I hope all is well with you and just wanted to send you some pictures of our growing gal! Kayenta is adapting quite well in her new digs.  She is an absolute joy to have! She has developed quite a “diva” like personality. It’s amazing how fast she is growing! Every time I turn around she has grown taller and longer! She is such a mommas girl too. She loves to cuddle all the time (especially in the car on long trips).  Her and her ‘brother’ Seabuoy our yellow lab are best friends! Buoy treats Kayenta like his little baby (he cleans her ears and paws every night).  We are just so pleased and so happy with her we thought we would share what joy she has brought us in only a few short months! I attached some pictures for you to see what a little rolly polly she is! Hope all is well!Best, The DaPrato’s 
      • Bonnie,
      I was wanting to write to you and update too. First of all, before I forget, what wine do you prefer? White or red. I want to send you a Christmas gift, but do not want to go wrong.Secondly, my beautiful boy is doing very, very, very good!!!!!! He is the best dog I ever had!!!! He loves me and Roger the most. He listens to me the most. My son and his wife are most like a playmates. Teddy talks back if my son does not let him do something. That is so funny, when Armand says :”no” and Teddy looks at him and barks, once, then one more time. Like saying, who are you to tell me “no”. I have my Mommy and I will listen to her, not to you.One time Roger asked Teddy “speak!” And since I told Roger always to ask something to do for the treat, Roger asked Teddy one more time ” speak”, just this time he said:”speak, speak!” And Teddy barked …..TWICE! exactly how he was asked, he answered with 2 barks. We all were shocked, how smart he was, no matter if that was an accident, but it sounded great!He is taking classes again Advance Obedience and he is doing very good, out of 20 dogs he is always in group of first 3 who are doing exactly what they are asked to do, like last time, they needed to sit for a minute and lay down for two minutes and that was piece of cake for Teddy, he is very good on walking next to me without the leash. I do not practice that on street, of course, but he is doing great in confined area. I brush him and he is happy producing some sounds hhhh and shhh :)Today I got 5 new toys for him – singing Christmas toys, he likes them and then he loves his octopus, he looks so funny with it in his mouth.I need to download the pictures finally………….That’s it for now. How do you like my long story?:)Do you have puppies now?Baiba. 
      • Hi Bonnie, Mordu is doing well. He had a vet visit today and weighs 17 pounds now! Big boy! He loves the kids and is such a sweet easy going guy. Haven’t gotten a chance to take many pictures yet, so I will have to get you some in a few days. Thanks so much for being a fantastic and caring breeder. We really couldn’t be happier! 🙂
      • Hi Bonnie
        Five years ago we adopted Hope and Joy from you (same litter as Moonpie). I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of them when they were born. I never realized just how much work it took you to bottle feed them until now. For the past two weeks I have been bottle feeding a litter of only 4 pups myself that I am fostering.
        Hope and Joy are still doing wonderful and I know a lot has to do with the love and care they got when they were first born.
        Thanks Again
        Lori Griffin and Sue Barral
        Hi Bonnie!
        I wanted to update you on Cooley. He has become a favorite at school among students and parents. This little boy in particular has taken a liking to him and reads to Cooley every chance he gets (this was a child who didn’t want to read-now he loves it). We took him to the vet this afternoon-thirty pounds and in perfect health. We couldn’t be happier with him.You may post it. It’s pretty awesome to see the good he has done for the students, and he’s still just a baby :)
        • Bonnie,
        I Was just looking over your website. Have not been on in years but I am so happy you are continuing to breed Newfoundlands. My Newfoundland Koalie has been with me for almost 4 years now. She is my everything, my protector, my best friend, and the reason I smile everyday. The companionship and loyalty I have received from her is immeasurable. I was obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree in animal science and dairy science at Virginia Tech when I first got her. Now we have moved to Indiana and are in Vet School at the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine. Koalie has now become a certified therapy dog and we as a team are allow to go into the most complex situations! She is incredible and I have never had a bond with another dog like I have with her. I have four dog total and I can tell you I will always own a Newfoundland in my pack. I am attaching pictures of her, I constantly get compliments on how beautiful she is. Also, because I fell in love with the breed, I am working with my local rescue helping foster Newfoundlands who have come out of bad situations. I hope all is well with you and your family and I can’t thank you enough for the happiness you have indirectly given me!

        The black Newfoundland is Koalie and the brown one you see is Moose, he was a rescue.Thanks!Bonnie, Our Newfie puppy, Beorn, is simply beautiful! The process of adopting him from Bonnie Murphy was a joy. She provided us with weekly photos and videos of our little guy and his siblings, kept us informed of his growth and development and provided us with information regarding Newfoundlands, puppy training and care. Beorn has adjusted beautifully to his new home with us. It is very clear from how exceptionally well behaved and healthy Beorn is that he was taken excellent care of! We highly recommend Murphy’s Home of the Newfoundlands to anyone looking to adopt a Newfie!Thanks Again,Erik………..sent to me in Feb 2-13Hi Bonnie-Received the email. I had some people stop me in downtown Fredericksburg last weekend, admiring Cooley. They asked about breeder info so I sent them your way. He is the sweetest pup ever. Take care!Lisa (Shawna pup)On Mar 3, 2013 
        • He is a big, spoiled boy. I am sure, you can see how big his head and paws are. He was chewing his bone, therefore, all his chest was wet and curling. Time to have a haircut, too.
        • She does look just like her momma! She is getting huge and so fast and is such a good girl!
        Sent from my iPadOn Mar 7, 2013  (Soraya pup) 
        • Moose is becoming quite the “Moose”……we love him…..he is up over
          50 lbs. already.  Amazing how he gets along well with the family cat, also.

          Sandy Havice  (Shawna pup_
        • Bonnie
           Hi its Ashley Johnson  I was wondering in Baily’s pup # 9 is still advailable and how much my daughter looks at your website all the time and fell in love with her.  Beethoven and Ivan are doing great.  In fact this weekend is bath time for them in my tub.  Please let me know thanks.
          Ashley  (3-6-13)
        • Bonnie,
        As a first time dog-buyer, and first time potential Newf-owner, I was nervous. You read things from articles, books, and hear things from family and friends about finding “the right breeder”, but it doesn’t seem that easy when you don’t know where to start. I got lucky, and from a google search found Bonnie and Murphys Home of the Newfoundlands. After e-mailing her she sent me all the information I needed, we set up a visit to her house so I could see her dogs, whelping rooms, and her house. Not only was the process to sign her contract and see her house great, but the entire “adoption” process after our dog was born was fantastic as well. Bonnie did everything she could to include us in the puppies lives with e-mails, text messages, posting photos online and texting them to us as well. When my parents got their german shepherd they got three pictures of him the entire 8 weeks, I got more then three pictures of my puppy a week. It wasn’t just that I got pictures of my puppy, but Bonnie also sent up weekly e-mails with attachments to Newf Specific information each week. I have never had a newfoundland dog before, but after all the information I received from her I feel completely confident that I will be a great Newf mommy. If you’re looking for “the right” breeder, look no further. Bonnie will make sure you, and your puppy, are completely happy. 

        ~Ellen, Reston Virginia      (3-9-13) Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to let you know that Murray’s doing great, he’s been eating fine, going for walks, pottying outside, and being great at night. He’s a little shy when meeting new people, and exploring new areas, but that’s to be expected and totally normal. 

        I also wanted to send you some pictures of him, so you can see how great he’s doing and also if you wanted to put any on your photobucket or website of “past puppies”. He’s a great dog, and has been a real good boy. ~Ellen 3-13-13Hi Bonnie,Murray is doing fantastic! He came to work with me again on Friday (the kids had been asking about him all week), and everyone; children and adults, all love him so much. He came to my parents house again and got to play with their German Shepherd again, he loves romping around with him. There’s a lake near our house with a path around it that we explored today, and I know that when Murray’s a little older it’s going to be hard to keep him out of the water, haha. 
        He’s basically just perfect, lol. He’s having his second vet visit tomorrow, which I’m sure will go well. 
        I hope everything’s going great with you and all the puppies!
        • Bonnie,
        Sorry, I haven’t checked my emails in a while, that’s why just now replying.  Pearl is doing great.  She is growing so fast!  I got her one of those big kids’ balls now that they’re back in the stores for spring–she LOVES that thing.  She’s pretty good at kicking it forward with her front legs and running.  Her other favorite toy is the huge rope bone that I found so she can play tug-of-war.  When I first got it , she was so proud of it, we walked all the way around the field, her carrying one end and I carried the other.  She is such a good girl.  When she looks up at me and her ears fall back, she looks more like Soraya, but sometimes she looks like Graham with that pouffy head of hair, especially when she had a growth spurt and was looking kind of long and lanky and had a bushy head.  She’s filled in and looks really good.  She doesn’t like to be brushed much.  She tolerates it sometimes better than others. I am going to wait a couple more months before I have her spayed.  I will let you know when we get that done.  It’s been hard to get pictures of her because she always wants to come to me and I can’t get a good picture that close.  The only time I can get pictures is when she plays with the boys outside and I have to sneak out so she doesn’t know I’m there.  She and Kyle lay on the ground and roll around together.  Well, have a good weekend and thanks for everything!Vicki Peterman  3-15-13 
        • Bonnie,
        Did you get the videos I sent you the other night? I texted them Sunday night.She’s WONDERFUL!!!!  I’ve taken her to work with me the last two days and everyone is mushing her.  She spends most of the day sleeping under my chair. lolTracy Klos 3-13-13The frozen green beans … she comes from pottying and I say “want a bean?”  She watches me go into the freezer, sits there watching with her tail wagging like crazy … with those cutie cute puppy eyes … too funny!Hi Bonnie
        • Tucker is adjusting very well. Potty training is going great too with accidents here and there but mainly outside if the timing is right and I take him out. Crate training he mastered not one cry out of him and he sleeps all night. He even goes in by himself to lay down if he wants.
           Everybody just loves him and I met so many wonderful people just from owning tucker alone. They say he is the most beautiful dog that they have seen for a long while and they own their own Newfie pup lol also I’m directing a lot of people to your web sight because they want to know exactly where Tucker came from. I’m thinking about 5 people this week I directed them to you. Hopefully they will seek you out.
          Well lots to do with Tucker as he is a handful only cause he’s a baby and I’m still trying to understand him and his body language but mostly the pottying is a challenge. I’m up for it and he is doing remarkably well.
          Talk to you soon take care Christina Toth
         It’s been awhile since we’ve sent an update on Isla (one of briaa’s and Gram’s babies from February).  She is such a sweetheart.  Definitely a great ambassador for the Newfoundland.  She is very, very sweet and very smart.  We took puppy kindergarten classes in Frederick with Fit Hound Positive Training – and Isla was the puppy that would be paired with all of the new dogs, timid dogs, or slightly edgy dogs because she has such a fabulous temperament.  I have never heard her bark or growl in an aggressive way – ever.  She is so great with our daughter and they are best friends.  Our daughter just started Kindergarten this Friday, and after walking her to the bus stop, Isla waited for Aven to come home to play.  This is a picture of her waiting. Thank you so much. Heather, John, and Aven Thorn. 8-25-13 This is Scott I got the white collar female from jasmines litter, if I may say best decision I’ve made this far, gypsy is so sweet and loving its incredible along with her being a genius! When I purchase another dog I am pretty confident it will be another newf. thank you for sending all the emails with excellent information, it has definitely made puppy training go alot smoother as this is my first dog I highly recommend you as an excellent place to get a puppy from one good home to another and for being a wonderful person answering any question I could ask thank you

        Sent from my iPhone   8-26-13 Good Morning Bonnie,Oh my goodness, your days must never end!  You must be exhausted by now!  You have done such great work raising all these pups–two litters no less!   Impressive!  I cant begin to imagine how much work goes into breeding great dogs.  Boy were we lucky to find you!  We see all the cute pictures and videos, but it’s really all the behind the scene stuff that you do and that we don’t see — i congratulate you!  I know it has been VERY hard work! Thank you –the proof is in those puppies!  Oh and thanks to Carmella & Gram too of course!Aw….such good news that all is good with the big girl!  Pretty soon we won’t be able to remember what life was like without her!  We can’t wait!  The countdown is on………hopefully, you’ll be able to sit back and put your feet up and relax in one week!~jill     8-6-13Thanks Bonnie.  Your devotion to keeping us all informed on the pups and your quick response to any email inquiries I’ve had is greatly appreciated more than you know. More importantly your humaness and loving care you give all of your newfys and babies goes much farther than I can find words to express. This has been a wonderful and positive experience in finding our baby girl thanks to you and your dedication towards these beautiful animals.  The time you give these animals and those beautiful babies is so very much appreciated. Honestly I don’t know how you keep up with it all.   Can I tell we are just ecstatic about getting our newfy girl on Thursday. I already have been dreaming about her ever since I held her for the first time on visiting day. And the pictures of her I have shared with our entire family and they are all just as excited to welcome our newfy girl with open arms. We have chosen to name her ISIS. I promise to keep you posted and send pictures of her throughout her life with our family. Thank you for being so thorough in all of your emails. That has been so important and I have certainly gained a lot of much needed knowledge on Isis growth care and feeding.  Well you enjoy your weekend with your family and enjoy celebrating those birthdays that’s just as important. If you get around to sending a couple of pics great. If not no worries. I know Isis is fine and enjoying the last week with her sisters and brothers. Take care and see you Thursday.  Tina

        Sent from my iPad    9-7-13 Vinny slept thru the night, until 4am, started whimpering, took him out at 5.  Did not mess in the kennel at all.  So far, not one accident.  He loves being a lap dog if only for a short time.  Haha!  Thanks again, Susan    9-15-13 Bonnie,   Hey it’s Cristina, Guinness is doing great! He was the black male with the green collar from Jasmine and Grams liter, he is happy, healthy and growing quickly! He just reached 30 pounds at a little over 3 months.  When I first got him he was a little smaller but he seems to be catching up quickly! He does amazing in the crate and loves everyone that he meets. He does very well with other dogs and loves our cat Penny Lane.  There are also many other puppies that reside in my apartment complex that he plays with all the time. I have taken him to the vet twice so far and she has given him a clean bill of health and he is completely up to date with all of him shots.  He is such a sweet dog and I am so happy to have him! Thank you so much for being such a reputable breeder and making my online experience of purchasing a puppy a good one! My best wishes go out to you and your family, and I will be sure to update you with pictures soon! Many Thanks, Cristina Sharp 9-16-13 Our online experience was great.  I was a little nervous having someone else pick my puppy but your choice was excellent.  One thing, yesterday’s “perfect” puppy turned into a little devil today.  Took him out at 4:30 & he peed, came in the house & pooped twice & peed once!!  So much for my bragging on him yesterday.  Now he’s just a normal puppy.  But he’s very loved & he sure loves his yogurt.  He did everything but eat the spoon                    Thanks again. 9-16-13 Hi, Bonnie!Just wanted to keep you updated! Our little Hugo is doing really well. He knew his name by the time we got home from picking him up and is starting to whine a bit to tell us when he needs to go out to potty. He loves his new big brother, Barley, and tries to chase him around. Last night he was so tired that he slept almost all night long and didn’t make a peep in his crate. This morning is a bit of a different story. Wide awake and unhappy that he cannot be sitting over at my desk with Barley and me (even though he is literally 3 feet behind me).Enjoy your quiet house!          9-16-13 Hi Bonnie All is wonderful and couldn’t be better. A little sleep deprived but only because new noises. Our girl is perfect all night. Wakes – moves – plays with crate mates at night and entertains herself beautifully. Been a little busy otherwise would have sent a note sooner.  Will def keep in touch. Thanks again.   Tina and Bob         9-16-13 Bonnie,It was really wonderful to see you as well.  We are so excited that Star is such a sweetheart and let us pet her.  Aven is convinced that she nodded when we told her that we would take super good care of her daughter.  We would love the pink collar female. (I remember you telling me that sometimes people will pick their puppy by whether or not a puppy has a pink collar in a picture.  As SOON as Aven saw the pink collar female picture that you posted last week – exactly the way you said she would – our daughter was smitten and as asked if we could pick her.)
        Heather A. Thorn 3-10-11
        • Bonnie – I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am that you allowed us to visit your home today.  It was so exciting for us and even Reyna (our 7  yr old who was afraid at first) said later today that she even liked Gram, the big boy!
        We have been talking about the dogs all day and NIGHT since leaving.  We were surprised at just how big the dogs are.  My eleven year old and husband want a boy but hesitate due to the large size of a male.  We are all still discussing.  Just curious – how BIG is the dad of Bailey’s pups … is he the size of Gram, Bailey, Star, Brandy, Tipsy, or the female in same section with Gram? Claudia 3-11-13Hi Bonnie Happy New Year! I hope you had a good holiday season! I see you are busy with new puppies. Bear is a year and 4 months so this was his second Christmas with us. Santa spoiled him rotten! He is growing up into such a wonderful dog. I am including some recent pics. I have scheduled an appt. at the vet for him to be neutered around this middle of January. I will contact you once this has taken place. If you need a written note from the vet or a copy of the bill, just let me know. I hope you have a good start to 2014! Take care! Mandy Walters & Bear 
        • Hi Bonnie,
          Hope you’re doing well! Stanley (green puppy) is almost 5 months now and is growing like a weed.  He’s now 63lbs and is getting along great with everyone.
          I was writing to see if you have any adults that are nearing retirement age and might be available for adoption.  We would love to welcome another dog into our family.  Please let me know.
          I attached a couple recent pics of Stanley.  He loves snow and water!!
          Thanks and take care!
         Bonnie,Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Wally & Sera.  They are doing great and are 6 and 7 years old now.  I absolutely love my Newfies!  I am so glad that the couple gave Wally back to you as he is the best dog I have ever had.  He is so sweet and loveable.  Sera is our NANA and 
        • I walked Lucy up to pick Hannah up from school yesterday and she really is gigantic.  I think I’ve lost my frame of reference because I see them every day.  Hannah was like a rock star, the kids were circled around her 10 kids deep just to get a look at Lucy!  I can’t tell you what the dogs mean to us, they really have completed our family and brought us so much closer.  Hannah’ science fair project is due on Monday.  I am going to take a picture of it so you can see what she did.
        Thanks again,Jessica(note added Jessica has gotten several of our babies to do therapy work with her nursing home’s) 
        • Belle is doing wonderful! She’s about 25 pounds and a happy puppy. She loves playing with em and her friends. But she is definitely a mommys puppy! At night she can go about 4 hours before she needs to go out. She will come to my side if the bed and hit the mattress with her paw and whine to let me know she wants out. Have a happy Easter!
          Sent from my iPhone
         Hi Bonnie,

        Lorelei will be 5 in December! My mother in law just passed away…I wanted you to know Lorelei was her best companion, alerting us when she was not feeling well & slept by her side, day in and day out.

        Scott an d I have talked and when my ‘Little Lorelei’ leaves this world we will be getting another Newfie. I hope it will be a long time!

        I just wanted you to know how much joy you helped bring to our lives.


        Lisa WarwickHi Bonnie, I wanted to update you on Ruthie.  Ruthie was the runt of the litter back in July of 2011, at the time I took her home from your house I think she only weighed about 12 lbs.  They weighed her, and she is 159 lbs!  So much for being the runt.  Or if she is still the runt, I would love to hear what some of the other dogs weigh now. We love Ruth so much.   Her and her two sisters, Nella and Nana get along great.  We take them to the dog park every weekend.  Ruth loves to play and will try to get you to chase her by stealing something and running.  She definitely has a sense of humor.  She is really beautiful, with light hair on her chest and tail and her toes.  Thanks so much for her, I don’t know what I would do without her. Anne McTigueYes, I guess you can’t tell by the size of the puppy.  Her sister, Nana, is my black Newfie about 6 months older than Ruth.  She was the second largest puppy of her litter and the largest female puppy of her litter.  She was almost 20lbs when I brought her home.   She is now about 20 lbs lighter than Ruth, not as tall or long either. yours are also doing well.  Hi Bonnie,I just wanted to tell you that I meet two of your pups! One was handsome black 2 year old named Dougie. And the other was a DROP DEAD GORGOUS 5 month old grey boy named Huskley. His father was gram and mom was jasmine. It was wonderful that Busa got to meet his half brother. A bunch of people get together in ocean city md once a year with their newfs and this was our first time going. It was a lovely weekend. We all all doing well here. Just wanted to drop you an email. Just sending along pictures from Digby’s first birthday last Friday.  He is now 143lbs. and I think looks a lot like his mama, Shawna.  Such a good, sweet boy!The owner of our local Rita’s is in love with him and his picture is posted inside the store and soon to be on their website. He usually gets a sugar-free Italian ice, but the sugar free flavor that day was chocolate, so we let him have the low-fat vanilla custard…just because it was his birthday.  He might be a little spoiled…..Hope this finds you well!Gigi Bell         4-4-13 I know you won’t remember me.  It’s been five years since we got our “Zeke” from you.  You have the best newfs. We love our “Zeke”.  The comments we get are “he is beautiful”  he looks like a bear”  “can I pet him”  “what a nice dog”.  We got him the same year you lost Mark.  My heart went out to you.  And now five years later you seem to be doing great, and I am so glad to see that. Anyway, I put you in my favorites.  I will never own another breed. When its time for another dog, God forbid, it will be from you. Please don’t stop breeding.  You have to be there when its time for us to own another newf.  Thank you Bonnie for our Zeke.  I hope to see you in the future.  Marcy. 
        • Hi Bonnie,
          Sebastian is doing great.  Last night he walked right into his crate and quickly realized that was his space.  So he went in there without complaint.  He slept until 3 AM but then didn’t have to go out until 4.  Then he went back to sleep until the girls woke him up at 7.  I think he could have slept longer!
          He’s been eating like a champ.  We took him to the vets this AM and he checked out great.  He was 15.8 lbs, and the vet wants us to feed him a bit more since his ribs and backbone could be felt. But of course we weren’t surprised since he was one of nine and was the biggest.  We stuck to your recommendations for last night and this AM just until we saw if he would have GI upset, but everything seems normal, so for lunch we gave him a smidge more.  He is so sweet.  He’s been sleeping a lot in between bouts of playing, so I think he’s adjusting well. 
          I’ll send pics from my phone…stay tuned!!!
          P.S. we took him to see my parents today since they’re not far from us.  They thought he was adorable, and they commented about how nice it was to be able to log in and see pics, and they said they were impressed with how clean you kept them.  We mentioned how spotless you keep their space and your house. 
        •  We recently adopted 2 babies from Bonnie and her family.  Cookie was born in mid-January, and Charlotte on February 1st.  We didn’t plan on adopting 2 puppies; our family and friends looked at us like we were CRAZY.  But watching our babies now, we KNOW we made the right decision.
         Bonnie is a wonderful breeder, taking great pride in her litters.  She is conscientious and caring, and treats every puppy as if they will be with her forever, even though she is preparing them to leave her and their home.  She carefully screens all of her adoptive families and provides vast amounts of information regarding the breed, making sure that they understand Newfies and the immense responsibility that comes with their baby.  Bonnie is always available to talk to you if you have questions or concerns – I recently spent almost an hour on the phone with her on a Sunday afternoon! My family is very grateful to have her as a resource.  We are soooo in love with our girls … they are so smart, sweet, and loving.  In a few months, they will each begin training to become therapy dogs so they can go to school with my husband.  His students are already so excited, they are already volunteering to walk them and “scoop,” which is no small task! Thank you Bonnie and Murphy family — you will forever be a part of OUR family! The Klos Family, New Jersey  4-16-13 Hi Bonnie,
        Just wanted to give you an update on our baby.  He has been truly a wonderful puppy.  He has been very easy to housebreak.  Sure, he’s had a couple small accidents in the house, but he tells us when he needs to go out.  He’s been great with that.  He plays hard but he sleeps hard as well.  For the first five nights one of us slept downstairs with him (since we cannot bring him to our bedroom due to our elusive cat AND the fact that we don’t want the dog climbing stairs even when he gets older).  He cried the first couple nights, but nothing really bad.  By the fourth night he was going to bed at 11 and waking up at 6 without making a peep.  I was shocked.  He did the same the fifth night, and for the past two nights we’ve left him in his crate from 11-6 with us upstairs and he doesn’t even cry when he first goes in…no accidents either.  Amazing.  But of course we play with him big time before bed and we pull up his water around 8, so I’m sure that helps.  He has truly been a pleasure.  I gave him a bath last night because of course he likes to play in the patches of our yard that have more dirt than grass.  Funny thing is that he doesn’t really bark either.  I saw that video online from them going home and the two under the chairs barking at each other.  I think I heard him bark once, but that was it.  He’ll often seek out his crate to lay in for his naps since we keep the door open. 

        At any rate, he has been a joy….he likes to bite so we’re working on breaking him of that, but overall he has been very very easy (I hope I’m not jinxing myself!).

        Hope you’re doing well.
        Sheri Thanks so much. We are doing wonderful. Thanks for asking. Busa is so smart and such a good dog. He weighted 65 lbs last weekend. I think he is 22 weeks now. Our roommate moved out and his dog went with him so we are thinking about adding another dog or cat to the family so Busa can have a play mate. We haven’t decided yet. How are you doing? Hope all is well.P.S. the one puppy on you website home page is super cute.  🙂 (I am the one holding him lol )BrittanyThanks for the most recent pics! I can’t believe how big and adorable they all are!!!! For pick up next Sunday – will you be staggering the times for the pick-ups?  The reason I ask is that my son has a hockey game late in the afternoon and we all want to be there to pick up Maggie so is there anyway to schedule an 11:00 pick up?  Thank you very much! We appreciate all the hard work that goes into taking care of these little guys and greatly appreciate all the information you send along with them.
        Thanks again! We’re really looking forward to next week:)
        Erin Koborg Thank you! She is a happy healthy puppy. She started puppy class on Saturday and did wonderful. She sleeps through the night now, which is wonderful. She loves Em and can’t wait for get to come home from school. You can use the pics on your website. Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Time got away from me.Steph Hi Bonnie – it’s Claudia and family.  We LOVE Oreo so much.  It has been a blessing to add him as our newest family member.  I will keep you posted from time to time with pictures.  He is growing very fast but still adjusting to the cats.  However, feel free to reach out to me at ANYTIME.Claudia Jones Hi Bonnie He is better than we ever could have imagined, potty trained, at four months we can leave him out of his crate at night in the bedroom without any accidents or problems. He is well socialized, and knows how to sit, lay down, and “crawl” on command. He’s loving, friendly, and up for whatever we want. If we take him for a walk, he will walk, if we’re having a quiet night in, he’ll sleep on the floor. He has no problems with car rides, and he does so well in other people’s homes that I can take him to my fathers house, moms house, sisters house, aunts house; anywhere and he does perfectly fine. 

        He’s a great boy, and a wonderful part of our family, we couldn’t be happier with him.

        I hope all is well with your family and dogs!
          Hi Bonnie

          The pups are doing great.  They did great in the car on the way home, no squirming or no crying during the whole drive (hard to believe).  No problems with potty training or eating.  The favorite toy, out of all of their already many toys, is a stick that they find outside.  They love, love to play with each other (sometimes ruff puppy play)  and they love to run.  If one wonders away while the other is busy, they will look for the other one.  If I quietly walk away while they are playing they will actually coming looking for me to see what I am doing. They sleep in our room on their bed during the night and basically no crying (again hard to believe) and actually have explored the whole house already as we like to have them with us.  CoCo is the male and bigger, but he is so very gentle.  Bonnie can more than hold her own when they are playing.

          They are both very much loved!
          I will send some pictures soon.Hi Bonnie,

          It’s been a while, but I just wanted to send you some updated info on Admiral. She’s such a wonderful puppy I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up! Now she’s about seven months and around 90 lbs, it sounds heavy but she’s actually pretty lean meaning she’s probably going to be on the larger side as an adult. But with her size it’s amazing how gentle she is, and just the sweetest, most loving puppy. Right now her favorite game is the balance game, where we balance various things on her nose until she gets the ‘take it’ command. It’s so amazing to me that she’s so young yet has so much self control! I’m working on a video, I’ll be sure to text you a link once it’s complete. 

          I also wanted to start the limited registration process since she got spayed last week. What information do you need from me?

          Thanks again for everything, take a look at her most recent photos below. 

          Thank you,
          K. Freerks sent may 31,2013Hi Bonnie,

          How are you doing?  You probably thought we fell off the face of the earth because I have not been in touch.  It has been a crazy busy spring.  Both girls play lacrosse, and I volunteered to coach both teams this year – not sure that was the wisest decision.  So between practices and games and work and school, things have been chaotic.  Fortunately we’ll start winding down this week.

          Sebastian is doing fantastic.  He’s a bundle of energy.  I think he must be the best looking Newfy we’ve ever had because absolutely everyone comments on him – no matter where we go.  The vet, on the lacrosse field, the neighbors, etc.  We opened our pool a week ago, and this weekend we bought him a life vest.  He really is interested in the water, but we wanted to make sure he felt comfortable the first time out.  He did get in and swim around a bit.  I’m attaching a couple pics of him.  He went to the vet on Saturday for his next round of shots, and he weighs 46.1 pounds.  He’s still a shy guy, but we’re working hard to get him out in the neighborhood to see other dogs, and Rob has brought him out to the lacrosse field a couple times since everyone wants to see him and pet him.  That is helping.  

          I’ve been on your site a few times to see you have a few more litters on the way, but hopefully things calmed down a bit this spring! 
             Good Morning! I hope that everything is well with you and that you survived the storm on Thursday. Belle is doing wonderful! she is 5 months old and 60 pounds. she has graduated from Puppy Class I and we start the next class this week. She is so wonderful and loving. Everyone loves her and a trip anywhere is never quick. Everyone wants to pet her. The other morning Jack and I woke up and heard our daughter talking. We rolled over and looked in her room and there her and Belle were snuggled up in bed having a conversation.  We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy for her. I have attached 2 pictures. In the one she is laying on Emily’s bed watching over her while she sleeps. The other is just a quick one we snapped. Have a wonderful day!
            Stephanie Mackowski
            Belle’s Mommy (12/28/2012) Hi Bonnie! Hope all is well with you, haven’t heard from you.It is Teddy’s birthday today and we are ready to celebrate : he will have his birthday hat and decorated house and his own special “cake” with 3 candles. He is such a delight. We still doing that Pets on Wheels, every Monday we go to St. Mary’s Nursing home. For an hour. He brings so many smiles in people faces. After we went to Berry Elementary School for Career Day, we got thank you cards from the kids: different drawings of Teddy , maybe 30 or more, that was priceless – they all said they love teddy and want him back. I had tears in my eyes when looking at that pile of drawings. That is something that money can’t buy…He got his summer cut a few weeks ago and seems like he is very happy with it.Overall he is doing great, will send you some pictures later.Baiba.   Hello Bonnie, I have had Bear now for 2 years and I cannot believe it but I think I want another!  Bear is the most loving, kind, sweet dog I’ve ever known.  He is absolutely the love of my life.   Sending you a pic from my phone now. Do you have any new litters coming up?  I’m  in no rush. Stephanie Turk   8-28-13     Hi Bonnie.Here are some pic of both Dougie and Darwin (Briggs) that I have.  The one of Dougie with the party has is from his 3rd bday. I can’t believe its been that long already. Seeing all of the new puppies makes me want another, although I cant.  They are all so cute.  I hope that all is well with you and your “herd”. Jenny Bryl  7-31-13 Hi BonnieI have purchased two puppies from Bonnie and both experiences have been fun and easy. She provided us with weekly updates, lots of great information on Newfoundlands, and continued support post puppy pick-up. Her puppies love humans and are well on their way to being house trained when they come home. I can’t recommend Bonnie enough.Kim Briggs 8-9-13   ai 
              Hi again…So many times we write trying to inform you…you made the right choice for Lola…Here is a twist…we are learning the traits of the breed. While Newfoundland’s are big and burly on the outside they are tender hearted. Living with Lola 5 months 24/7 being retired and all, we have the time to observe a special quality of the breed that may not be appreciated or observed by the average person. (Things we did not know either)We have not seen such sensitivity by other breeds in a special way. Other breeds show love and are loved by us, however a Newfoundland is a breed of it’s own to be respected in a special way. Of coarse you already know that. Thanks again for your patience, with a couple of learning seniors. lol D&S Feld Tennessee  Hi Bonnie! I hope all is going well. I just wanted to give you some quick updates on Belle (Gram x Sydney Dec 2012). She is doing wonderful! She is such as sweetie and her and my daughter are inseperable. Belle even won her very own photoshoot! I have attached some of the pics. She has come into heat this week, 2 weeks before she was scheduled to be spayed. We had to postpone her spay because my husband was affected by the government shutdown. She seems just fine and is still her crazy self. Our trainer believes that she can start the Canine Good Citizenship classes in January. Everywhere we go people love her and think she is one of the most beautiful dogs they have ever seen. Belle of course eats that right up! We are very happy with her and we love her dearly. Thank you so much for what you do!
              Stephanie Mackowski
               Busa is doing wonderful we couldn’t ask for a better dog. He is so well behaved. Even for a puppy. I have fostered kittens the last couple months for our local humane society. He LOVES kittens and is so gentle with them. There has not been a person or animal he does not love. We add another puppy about 5 months ago so Busa could have a playmate. We decided on a great dane rescue puppy. He was ten weeks old when we got him. So they are only 3 months apart. They are best buds.  But total opposites. Ying and Yang. Busa is lazy and good. The great dane is spastic and bad. Lol well compared to Busa he is bad. But any dog would be. He sets the bar high. Busa even will carry the mail for me. I have some pictures I will send.Brittany    9-24-13 They are all doing great Diamond loved the pool this summer.  She thought every time. she was out on the deck it was time to swim.  I will have my daughter up load you some pics. Ashley Hi Bonnie! Things are going great!  I attached a few pictures of Bentley from a mini family vacation we took over October 5-6th.  I will try and send more once I get the pics from my camera onto my computer (these are from my phone).  We went to Door County which is a the “thumb” part of WI and has some little towns that is all tourist with great boutique shops and wonderful restaurants (we were celebrating out 15 year anniversary!) We found a really cute dog friendly hotel on the bay and Bentley loved hanging out on the porch of the room (as you can see from one of the pictures!)   Bentley goes to doggie day care once a week and LOVES playing with all of the other dogs.  Bentley is also one very smart pup!  He has figured out how to open the window in the car as well as screen patio doors! Funny story: one night we had the patio door cracked in our bedroom which opens onto a porch that is on a second story. At about 2 am one morning I thought I heard the patio door being opened a little further and listened and everything was quite. Then a few minutes later I heard the screen door open. I poked Andy and said “I think Bentley is outside” … he listened in our half asleep and he said no-he’s in the room just go back to sleep.  A few minutes later I got up just to be sure and Bentley was out walking around the porch enjoying the cool late summer evening! Needless to say we began locking the screen door. In Door County we left the hotel room screen door unlocked as most of the bugs are gone and he let himself out all throughout  weekend- LOL! I see that you have a new litter coming in late Nov/ Early December- congrats! J  Who’s pups? We are definitely interested in another pup – but would want to wait until Bentley is at least a year old (maybe 2 or 3) before adding to our family.  I was looking at Coco Chanel on line – she is beautiful!  I see she is young yet, but I would potentially be interested in one of her pups. Do you know when you would start trying to breed her. Having never had pups –  I do not know what age is healthy for dogs to become a mommy J Any idea who you would breed her with?  We love how handsome Bentley is turning out from Graham and London! Michelle Vinny is doing great.  He is now 25#.  He can sit & come on demand.  Occasional accident in the house but less & less.  Vet said he is in excellent health except for his little testicle.  He will be “fixed” in January.  He’s had a very busy weekend.  Our two daughters & five grandkids came in for Russ’ Mom’s 90th B-day.  Vinny chased & played with the kids & consequently slept very well thru the nite.  Will send pics as soon as we take some current ones.  Hi Bonnie, Hope you are well!   So we have had no more issues with Sebastian trying to mark inside the house.  A couple times I’ve seen him try to do it in various parts of our yard where the deer run through and I have told him no.  I really would like to hold off as long as possible with neutering him. I will send pictures from the computer tonight.  He is huge.  I think he’s easily much taller than our last two, and his head is enormous.  He loves to play with toys.  I am at the point now that I need to buy him more of those stuffing-less toys b/c he plays so hard with them.  He also loves his kong and his lacrosse ball.  He is a chewer for sure, and he has destroyed some heavy duty chew toys that are marked “indestructible”.  The kong is really the only thing that’s indestructible!   I hope you are all doing well – please say hi to Briana for me. I’ll send those pictures tonight.  I’ll also have to send some Halloween pics.  We ordered him a devil costume (I had to – it was on clearance for $5 when I was ordering the girls’ costumes!!).  We’ll see if he lets me put it on him… SheriHi Bonnie.  It’s nice to hear from you.  These are pictures of Kaysa (Gram/Star litter 2/25/13) & Charlie.  The first picture is the day we brought her home, on 4/21.  They have been inseparable since, they love each other so much.  She is doing well.  Taking her to the vet tomorrow for a weigh in.  We love her so much, we will definitely want another in a few years.  She is just so sweet!!!  Ps.  Do you remember how big Star was (weight)???  Stephanie & Scott Hey Bonnie, Maggie is doing great and continues to be an excellent addition to the family.  She’s a beautiful girl and is all black with brown ears.  We love her.  Ill send another pic with the kids!
              Erin Jasmine. He is very good, no behavior problems at all. He is so smart and sweet, gives kisses all the time. All the goldens love him. He sits in the bathroom every night while i shower or take a bath. Think we are gonna try the carting once he’s 2. Gonna get some books to read about it this winter.  Hi Bonnie 

              Happy Fall! Hope u are doing well! We’ve had a few cooler days down here in NC, so I’ve been able to get Bear out and about some. Got a couple good pics and just wanted to share with you. Bear is doing great, weighing in at 141 lbs at 1 yr & almost 2 months old. 

              Take care! 
              Mandy Walters   Hey, Bonnie,     We’re doing really well.  Shaggy’s a great boy.  I’ve attached a few pictures in a .zip file.  They’re relatively recent.  For the record, he’s about 140lbs and 28 inches tall at the moment.  So, I imagine he’ll grow a little more, since he’s only 14 months.  Regardless, he’s awesome.  Can’t imagine my life without him.Cheers,-Steve  Hi, Bonnie!Everything is going well here with Hugo! He is so smart and has some tricks nailed down already! He comes so well when called, he knows sit and he’s on his way to mastering paw. Next on the list, once we have paw down-pat, is lay down.We’re still working on the barking when crated bit. Sometimes during the work day he gets bored (despite the multiple toys and bones he has with him), or hears me on the phone and gets loud. He also isn’t a fan of being left in a room alone. He’s really good at quieting down after you tell him “no”, so now we just have to get to the point where he doesn’t do it at all!House training is going about what I expected it to be. He has maybe 1 accident a day (usually when he’s playing with his big brother and gets too worked up), but I also know that they don’t develop full bladder control until 6-8 months (it took our older dog a bit longer even to be totally accident free) so for now, no big deal.Hugo is really good during the night. He usually needs to go out about once a night, but some times lets us sleep all night! He’s not a fan of sleeping in, we’ve found. Once the light starts creeping in the bedroom, he wants OUT of his crate!We are absolutely loving our new addition. He’s so friendly and loving and it’s wonderful watching him grow! He hasn’t been to the vet in about 3 weeks (at which time he was 19lbs) but goes in again this Thursday and I can’t wait to see how much he’s gained because he’s just about doubled in size since we picked him up from your house. I hope the picture I’m trying to send you attaches correctly. He’s a beauty.Thanks for keeping in touch, Bonnie!- Sam nice to hear from you..   olive is doing GREAT!  took her for her weekly swim yesterday in the bay.  from there to the vets for a weigh in.  she in 119 lbs.   we were walking her on the boardwalk in ocean city last week and person came up to us and to make a long story short,  he had also purchased a dog from you.  (small world)   stuMezi is amazing! She is doing just fine, the cat still doesn’t care for her….slow going. She has turned out to be a beautiful lady. Hope you can see just how pretty she is. She is a mommies girl, just as it should be 🙂
              Tina Oh Teddy is doing great. We all are spoiling him but he is a very obedient dog plus he knows a lot of commands, like bring my shoes for a walk or count till 3. You better believe, lol.  I bought him a puzzle , so he loves to find his treats under the squares, lol. We had the guests from Europe, my friends, so, he was such a good and well behaved dog – everyone fell in love with him. Kids on the street do not say hello to me but to Teddy, lol. Next week we go to do brush out – I brush him every day a little but then once a week I take him to the groomers for a total brush out and then when he is close to stink – we go for a full spa day, lol.Love my boy, a lot!Thanks to you!Baiba.   
                Copyright: murphyshomeofthenewfoundlands. All rights reserved.Web Hosting by Yahoo! ph: Please email me first so I can send breeding info,. then happy to talk on phone, Thnk you Bonnie n Frednewfybaby1@gmail.comPlease continue to be the dog breeder you are… and never compromise your standard….. You are a wonderful asset to your profession…. Sandy and I would refer your breeding skills any time you need a referral. You people are awesome! We remain your friends in Tennessee, Dave & Sandy Feld Oh, Bonnie, he is gorgeous, is he?!! If you saw his winter coat!!! All shiny, thick and little wave around the shoulders. Also , he really does not shed like people complain that Newfs shed. I posted this picture on Newf sites, believe me, hundreds of people vote for him!!!! My little boy….sent to me Dec 2014Hi Bonnie,just wanted to check in and send a couple pics of our boy and how much he has grown. He’s a wonderful puppy, everyone loves him. we get so many compliments on how beautiful he is. his coat is SO shiny! oh! random question- are newfies known for hiding things? we discovered a month or two ago that every time we give him a treat, he has been using his nose to stuff it way down behind our couch cushions haha.  we’ve also found that he loves stuffed baby toys. specifically tiny garanimals. he carries them around in his mouth and doesnt chew on them, like they are his little buddies. i thought it was pretty cute.we took him to the Waterfowl Festival a few weeks ago and had tons of people ask where we got him, and we told them all about you.hope all is well,Brittany and Scott sent to me dec 2014We had a busy weekend! Sorry you did not make the parade, was looking forward to maybe seeing you again! I am so proud of Bear, he did excellent in the parade, pulled his cart the whole way! We won second prize for best cart. I took both the boys to see Santa down here today so I included that pic too!Take care!Mandy & Bear sent to me dec 2014Hi Bonnie I wanted to write you a little something now that we have the awesome boy home. First of all thank you for everything you’ve done to help me get such a great puppy. I first talked to you almost a year ago and I am very thankful you put up with me and helped me while I was still in the military to get a puppy after a long wait I had to get out. At times I felt bad that I had so many questions and it took me a while to get out of the military and find a great puppy. Once he was born I was so excited to meet him and finally take him home and I think my favorite part of the experiance were your weekly updates and photos of puppies so we could see them grow. I haven’t seen another breeder do that and it’s such a great idea. I was wondering how the big boy would be after bringing him home but he’s just the sweetest thing. He loved the 2.5 hour truck ride home and he loves everyone and every dog he meets he plays for hours. He’s been sleeping through the nights and evens wakes me up to go outside. Not a single accident in the house. Thank you again for everything and I will send you updates and pictures with him often so you can see the baby grow up. Thank you so much for such a great boy and great experiance 
                emailed on 9-1-2014, Thank you Zach, enjoy that big boy…Bonnie, did you know that you are the breeder that any dog owner could wish for? Did you know that you saved Teddy that night when you answered to my cry IMMEDIATELY. And as  a knowledgeable breeder your guess was about sugar drop and I acted immediately ( gave him corn syrup) and later thought all thru and understood, yes, it WAS a sugar drop ( because of the cold night and not enough calories at that moment ( please, just don’t think that I starve my 190lb dog). Another words – Teddy is outside with Roger and tail up running in the yard and we all are happy again. Oh, Bonnie, you are awesome!Baiba.she is doing great.  was so good in car.  didn’t really want to eat last night, but did drink was going to climb in water dish.Gave her this big velour blanket to sleep on. she loved it.  didn’t cry at all.Ate all of her breakfast.  went potty outside.  taking a nap now.  had to dry her off with a towel she is still so low to the ground.my daughter went to the beach but when she comes back I will have her send you a picture of lola in her new home.thank you again for all your hard work, will have to put up a testimonial on your site.  if anyone wanted a personal recommendation, I would be glad to give one.emailed 8-29-14  Thank you Barbera I no you were so excited to get her home….enjoy.Hey! I have been meaning to write you and let you know how Teddy (Pandie X Gram) is doing but things have been busy here. Teddy is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. At his vet check 2 weeks ago he was 43 lbs, so by now he’s closer to 50. He certainly doesn’t look it! He all legs and paws and looks like I don’t feed him. He’s such a sweet and loves to snuggle and sit with you. As I am typing this he is sitting in the chair with me. He is completely house trained and sleeps through the night. Emily and Teddy are best buddies and are together all the time. He is loving the pool! He jumps right in the pool and swims laps and plays with Em. Thank you so much for Teddy. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him dearly. I have attached some pictures that our photographer took of him late may. Have a great summer!Stephanie Mackowski Bonnie,  We got our big sweet girl, Scarlette, from you almost 5 years ago. Scarlette was born on September 11, 2009 and unfortunately I can not remember who her parents were.  I wanted to email you and tell you that getting Scarlette was one of the best things I have ever done ranking up there with the birth of my children!  She has been the best dog I have ever had.  She is the sweetest, most loving soul in the entire world.  She is babied and pampered daily!  She loves to be loved and wants to be near us constantly… and she is.  Newfy fur has become part of our lives and I think we don’t even notice any more!  Thanks so much for giving us our big sweet lovey girl!   Kelly
                I’ve included a couple pics  Hi Bonnie –We just wanted to send a quick update on Isla.  She is now almost 10 months and is the sweetest dog ever.  She is friendly and loving to all dogs and people that she meets.  I’ve often had people stop their cars to pet her and she has made many, many friends in the neighborhood. We’ve been taking some classes at Peaceable Paws on having your dog come to you when they are called with distractions (hiking in the woods, with other dogs nearby, etc.).  At the end of the class, they have group playtime for the dogs.  Isla has such a happy go lucky temperament that she is the only dog that some other dogs who are shy or nervous are paired with.  She is such a good dog.  She and our daughter are best friends and our dog is so patient with our daughter and all of her loving.  We’re so happy and grateful to have her in our lives. She seems very happy here and is particularly thrilled with the current snowy weather.  She loves laying down in the snow and catching snowballs.  This is definitely Newfy weather.  Attached are some more recent pictures of her.  Thank you again.          sent to me on 1-2-14  Good Morning BonnieI just wanted to share these with you. Bear and I walked for our local Coastal Humane Society in the St Paddys parade yesterday. I am so proud of him, he behaved absolutely perfectly and everyone just loved him!! Take care! Mandy Walters
                • Bonnie,
                Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Wally & Sera.  They are doing great and are 6 and 7 years old now.  I absolutely love my Newfies!  I am so glad that the couple gave Wally back to you as he is the best dog I have ever had.  He is so sweet and loveable.  Sera is our NANA and does not leave our grand daughters side.  We are up in Carroll County off and on now as my younger sons finance is from Eldersburg.  We will be in touch when we need our next Newfie.  Hope you have a wonderful New Year.Sheri Huppenthal             sent to me on 1-2-14Between the both of us we would drive to Maryland and further, Lil Lola was worth 10X the miles and meeting you and Fred was a great experience. You guys are on Sandy and my top ten list. By the way it is not just Cheese burgers….She likes Sandy’s home made Buttermilk pancakes with WI Maple syurp and linkies too. LOLThank you again for the emails! Everything has been so great! We tell everyone you are the best breeder ever! Everyone has been super impressed w everything you do and how involved w the pups you are. We also love that these dogs are absolutely your babies and not just your job. You truly are different than most breeders. I have just loved working with you and Dave and I cannot wait to get our newest addition!!! We gave Riley her bath last night and got her all spruced up to meet her new baby brother 🙂 -Shannon  (sent feb 2014)
                • Bonnie HI!!!!
                I’m so sorry I’ve been incommunicado! I’ve been meaning to send pictures since Christmas and can NOT believe it’s March! Where does the time go? Liesl is the biggest LOVE. She’s not super tall but filling in wide… not too wide as in overweight but stocky! We love her more than I possibly put into words!  We just started manners class. She is the star! The instructor uses her for every demonstration — she loves to please and gets SO excited when she behaves the way she’s supposed to. I’ll try to send you a video from just this morning…she’s gorgeous!!I hope you’re well — would love to see pics of Simba!!!Cheers,Dana Hey Bonnie, That is one huge male puppy!! Liberty just got fixed on Thursday. She weighed in at 82 lbs. She’s doing great, just seems to be uncomfortable though. I’ll send some pics when she’s done with her cycle of drugs because they make her look drunk and unhappy. Hope all is well, take care! We love her to death. She’s a really good dog. I’ll have to have my wife send you pictures, most of them are on her phone. Its been a while since we’ve had her at the vet to weigh her but I’m guessing she’s only 80 or 85 pounds.
                   Hey! So Molly is doing great with us! We could not be happier (: honestly the best dog I’ve ever had. I do have a question for you though, we can ask the vet if we need to but I figured we could ask you first. We were warned not to over feed her and let her get fat lol. She’s about 60 pounds right now and right where she should be based on how big she is. She gets 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night but she ALWAYS wants more. She will push our other dog out of the way and eat her food if we don’t watch her. Does she actually need more or is she just being greedy?  Hugo is a very good boy. He quickly learned all of the essentials – sit, lay down, paw, stay – and we’re currently working on “wait”, which is a command we use when walking in town. Our Barley is very good at it and sits and waits at every intersection before we cross the street. Because it’s been cold and snowy, we haven’t done a whole lot of walking in town until recently, so Hugo is just starting to get it (there are no sidewalks in our neighborhood to practice). I think he understands what we want, he just can’t seem to figure out why he has to do it!He’s a lot more curious and fearless than any other dog I’ve had, which is the only thing that gets him into trouble. He likes to steal things that aren’t his and he’s mastered the art of jumping the dog gates. I’m used to dogs who don’t like to challenge the gates because they don’t like the sound they make when they touch them. Hugo doesn’t care, so we just invested in a super tall gate and that seems to be working for now! One the one hand it’s annoying when he steals things – like when he chewed one of my shoes – but on the other it’s very entertaining. We’re really trying to work on the stealing things habit by telling him no when he takes something he’s not supposed to have and replacing it with one of his toys. I have to say, though, I do giggle to myself when something all of a sudden disappears (like it was literally just sitting next to me and now it’s gone) and I find Hugo walking around all proud with it. He’s very sneaky.Aside from that, he’s great. We’ve been taking the boys out to sit outside at restaurants with us when it’s warm, and he makes friends with all of the waiters. He’s great walking on a leash, has a blast wrestling with his brother, and is just a big love. We’re so very blessed to have him. He’s definitely made life a lot more entertaining!Samantha L. JescovitchI have been meaning to email you an update but things have been so busy. Teddy is doing great. He is ringing the bell or whining at the door to go outside almost all the time. He sleeps about 5 hours at night before he needs to go out. He will let me know when he has to go out. He has settled in quite nicely. He loves to snuggle. Emily is his buddy and he cries when she gets out of the van at school. Everyone is just in love with him. Thank you for all you do and teddy is a wonderful addition to our family. Stephanie  Hi BonnieWalter is settling in with us very well. His training is going great. He seems very happy and weighs 26 lbs. today. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family. I hope you are able to get some rest with having to take care of two new litters.Lucy Hi Bonnie, 
                  Luna had her visit to the vet yesterday. She weighs 25lbs. Vet says all looks great. Girls at the vet just loved her! Luna is adjusting well to her home. She wants so bad to be friends with the cat, but our cat is still not sure who or why this thing is in her house. Hahaha.  Luna bonded with my parents new puppy (born on same day). Their puppy is a Samoyed and they play so nice together.  Luna eating hearty and drinking plenty of water. 

                  Hope all your new puppies are doing well and you’re getting some sleep! 

                  Send you some more updates soon 😊

                  Take care,
                  Bill & Kelli Montgomery Sebastian has been a blast this spring.  Now that he is very well trained, Rob was able to bring him out to the lacrosse fields during the girls’ games.  I coach, so I haven’t been on the sidelines, but all the parents have remarked to me on 1) how beautiful he is and 2) how well behaved he is.  And of course when Rob had him at one of the games where he was only about 20 feet from me, he REALLY wanted to be with me.  It’s remarkable how he watches the girls (and me).  When they are out back playing and I have kept him in (so they can practice lacrosse without him stealing their balls), he sits at the patio door and doesn’t take his eyes off of them.  Heaven help anyone who would try to do something to his girls!!

                  I hope you’re doing well.  I’ll send some more pictures soon.

                  SheriHe is just blowing my mind with how good he is with being in his crate and potty training. When I take him out to potty, I give him a treat after he potties and tell him good boy. He will go to the back door to go out to potty and he will whine when he’s in his crate to go out to potty. He had one accident in the house. But he was definitely telling us he had to go but Mike didn’t get him out in time. He sleeps in the crate at night. And runs through the house during the day. He is a good boy!! That’s for sure!I hope you have a great day.I really want him to be a therapy dog when he’s bigger. With his sweet personality I know he would be great at it. At 10 weeks we are doing obedience classes at Pet Smart here in town. :)II will! This is the best puppy experience I’ve had compared to past puppies. I just can’t believe how laid back and easy going he is. And just a good puppy.I hope you have a great day. Burton is doing great.  He is already crate trained during the night and learning new tricks.  He can sit with getting rewarded with a treat.  We r loving our new fluffy family member.  You did a great job !  He goes to the door to go potty, only a few accidents so far!  Thanks for all your comments on Instagram.  We’ll keep you posted.Hi Bonnie!

                  This is Cooley, the pup that we got from you a little over two years ago.
                  Our grandson, Kai, arrived a bit early and came in at a whopping five pounds. Cooley (now 150 pounds) will not leave his side. We just wanted to show you what an amazing guardian he is to the baby. Thank you guys again!

                  Jay & Lisa Arthur  
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